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Something about us

Something about us

We are a design-led creative studio based in Bogotá, Colombia. We stand for strong, daring and bold ideas that are meant to connect and engage through great and authentic design. We want to impact and turn our clients ideas into valuable and unique brands.

11 years of experience

It´s been 11 years of exciting work in branding, packaging, photography, licensing and communication. We have worked for brands in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, United States and China.

Awards & Recognition

2015 Lápiz de Acero
2020 Vertex Awards

Natalia Delgadillo

Ana Maria Mesa

Valeria Caro

Tatiana Chaves

Ma. Camila Palacios

Angelica Saavedra

David Cubides

Isabel Arango

Javier Sutha

Mateo Anzola

Paula Tamayo

Susan Romero

Fernando Garrido

Wilson Castiblanco

Jonathan Cediel

Paula Villamil

Jean Paul Tagliaferri

Camilo Toncón

Daniela Niño



In constant search for excellence

We seek extraordinary results, and we believe that a great product with a great brand and great design requires a good strategy and differentiation. That is why we have a team with specialists in each area.

Branding Strategy
Commercial Photography ( fashion, product, food)
Food Styling
Consumer products design for Licensing
Digital Communication & Strategy
Editorial Design